Experiencing a new kind of life!

Due to the intensive bombing that targeted everything, especially buildings on the ground, people of Ghouta shouldered the responsibility of devising new methods to protect themselves in case of bombardments.

They slowly found themselves living completely underground. As a safety step, they dug shelters under their houses, so that they could seek protection when the shelling intensified.

When the Syrian regime began targeting childrens' playgrounds and thus killing many children, people began to build underground playgrounds as a safe space for children to play and experience normal childhood activities.

Even the dead were not safe from the bombings, nor were the cemetery workers. As a result of the brutal acts inflicted by the Syrian regime, many cemetery workers have been killed on the job by either Sniper shots or missiles. A layered cemetery was built in order to provide a safer space for workers, and to make space for the burial of those being killed in increasing number by air strikes.

Schools was targeted in government forces air strikes resulting in the death of over a dozen students, the schools moved to an underground location for security reasons.

The local administration and civil society founded in the liberated areas have also been forced to move underground for security reasons; the same goes for all facilities and health care centers.

People of Ghouta, faced with the non-stop shelling conducted by the Syrian regime, did their best to devise as many alternatives as possible in order to survive.


Children play in an underground playground built to protect them from shelling.

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A picture shows people cast their votes in an underground basement during the election of the local council.


Men gather to bury the bodies of a family in a layered underground cemetery.


A boy climbs into Abu Omar's shelter in the city of Douma, on the eastern outskirts of Damascus.